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Creative Allies is an integrated marketing firm that focuses on helping celebrity and consumer brands execute marketing campaigns and engage customers, specifically millennials. Through our proprietary technology, comprehensive marketing services, strategic partnerships and by working with brands, bands and celebrities such as Arizona Iced Tea, Dr. Dre, and Maroon 5, we have cultivated a community of over 125,000 designers with more than 180,000 fans. Check out all our active design contests.

Creative Allies is led by Donald Thompson, a business strategist who believes that every day should be the day to dream bigger and work smarter. A global executive, entrepreneur, keynote speaker and author, Donald has a passion for building businesses and growing leaders. In 2016, under Donald’s leadership, Creative Allies has expanded the business development and marketing teams as well as diversified service offerings in an effort to grow the Creative Allies community.

Whether you’re a designer wanting exposure, a band in need of a fresh vision, a brand desiring connections with millennials through the love of pop culture, or simply an opinionated fan of music and art, Creative Allies wants to hear from you. We invite you to join the conversation by creating, voting on, and rocking our community’s custom, independently-designed art.